Sunday, 2 October 2011


Current City: Malaga
I think I had one of those moments earlier this evening, one of those moments I was hoping to have at least once in each city; a moment where you just stop, sit back, and truly appreciate where you are.
It came as right as I was finishing some of the best gazpacho and migas I think I've ever had, at a little tapas bar on a side street in Malaga. Despite getting lost en route to the hostel, and the terrible Ryanair flight (there's a reason European carriers are so cheap, its because they dont give you ANYTHING, not even pockets in the seatbacks. I was surprised they had toilets on board), and the stressing about a language barrier which doesnt seem to exist.
I've really enjoyed the time spent in the UK, especially seeing old friends and getting the whole Scottish hospitality. And the haggis and beer. Those were both quite good. But now, sitting on the rooftop terrace of the Oasis backpackers hostel, with the illuminated dome of the cathedral visible just over the skyline, it seems like this tour has truly started. And I am thoroughly looking forward to it.
And for whatever reason my web browser has defaulted to all Spanish.


  1. Hola Brian! Disfrutar de España y comer mucha comida buena (y tomar fotografías de dicho alimento por favor!)


  2. Brian,
    Glad things are going so well.
    Enjoy Spain!
    From what we saw it is a fabulous country.
    Pay attention to the little animated walk sign man and remember to look LEFT again.
    All is well here.
    Keep hitting your Spot button so when know where you are.
    Dad and Mom (and David)

  3. Hi Jess
    I should stress that I speak only fragments of french. And high-school French at that.
    I understood Hello Brian, and then something about photos.

  4. It was spanish :( but yes, photos of food please