Thursday, 27 October 2011

Croatia, you're also awesome

Current City: Split
And another two items get crossed off my "To Do" list;
1. Listen to the Sea Organ at Zadar, and
2. Get sprayed by the waterfalls at Plitvicka National Park
The first one was easy, as the waterfront of Zadar was a 15 minute walk from my hostel. The Sea Organ is amazing; you hear it before you see it, and you can hardly even see it when you're there; all it is is a few holes in the marble steps, and a few slots cut into them. The sound it makes is almost mesmerizing; a completely random series of notes played by the waves and the wind.
The waterfalls at the lakes were, in a word, stunning. And this is coming from someone who lives on the West Coast. Even how we got there was a bit of a great story; the day I arrived there was an Aussie girl and a British guy staying in my room who had all heard of the parks, and were interested in going. I said I was going no matter what, and were more than happy to have them come along. That night while discussing plans, we met a couple from France who didn't have any plans, and invited them along. With the 5 of us, we decided to rent a car for the day and just drive to the park, as it would be cheaper and quicker than getting a bus. The next morning we awoke to an absolute downpour. After meeting with the others, I decided we could either stick around Zadar and probably get wet, or risk going to the park and probably get wet. We decided on the park. The drive up was a bit wet, but it stopped raining right when we got to the park, and actually started to clear up about halfway through! The others said it was the highlight of their entire trip, and it was definitely a highlight of mine. I could describe how stunningly beautiful it was, but again, I think I'm just going to post some pictures.
No, the water doesnt look like that. It's actually clearer.

Yes, it does look just like that. Only better.

Veliki Slap (The Big Waterfall). Yes, it is big.

Hiking back towards the parking lot.

Sea Organ during the day. The sound exits through the holes on the left.


  1. That is awesome. The waterfall park is gorgeous, looks very west coast too? Are the plants similar in person?

  2. Sounds like Croatia is a "must visit" place to add to the bucket list. I'd better retire soon or i won't live long enough to get to all my bucket list places.
    We'll make a donation to your cyclist. Good for him for taking on such a cause.
    Your pictures are fabulous. We can't wait to see them all when you're back next week.
    Enjoy the last week of your trip and keep the updates and Spot check-ins coming. They help keep us connected to you while you're away.

  3. you are back next week???!!!

  4. You are going to miss cirque!!!

  5. I would LOVE to see (and hear) this Sea Organ ... how cool is that !?!?!?
    Your photos are fabulous ...
    See you tomorrow !!! (Thursday) YEAH !!!