Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Current City: Vienna
There's a couple things I've learned about Vienna:
The Leopold Museum is closed on Tuesdays.
The Opera is closed for tours on Tuesdays.
The Natural History Museum is closed on Tuesdays.
The Ottlinker brewery is open, but does not run tours on Tuesdays.
The Austrian Parliament, however, is open, and runs tours in English every few hours.
Guess what I did yesterday.


  1. Drank beer in the parliament?

  2. your postcard at work! Circ 4 eva...or at least until I find something that pays better! LOL

  3. Hey Bri...I am going to try this again...when I tried to post a comment before it wouldn't stick but will try again.When Grampa and I went to Versailles it was closed and then we found out that all the museums close that day,apparently the "closed day" in Vienna is Tuesday.Drives you crazy as for us we never got the chance to go back!! xo Grandma

  4. No Jess, I did not drink beer in the Parliament. I drank it in the hostel.

    Glad you got the postcard, Rach! Tell everyone at the Review I said Hi! And you really need to find something new.

    Yeah, it's kind of annoying when you only have one full day in the city and everything is closed (except for a government building, oddly enough). And I could understand being closed on a Sunday or Monday, but Tuesday? Really? I'm a little unimpressed with Vienna, personally.